What is Multimedia?

Our goal is to make an engaging learning environment by providing faculty with custom multimedia pieces. This will give students the opportunity to interact and become immersed in obscure topics. As a matter of fact, multimedia can bring out of reach environments or tools to the tips of their fingers. Transforming lectures or labs into robust and accessible content such as 360° videos, animations, interactives, web applications, and gaming and virtual reality.

Our Services

360° Video

There is nothing more exciting than actually being able to be in the environment of a learning activity. In reality, sometimes you can’t get a group students into these spaces. However, our team can and provide you with a video recording that captures all angles of the environment to share with them.


Sometimes it can be difficult to effectively communicate a concept. Animations combines dynamic visuals, voiceovers, and music to intrigue your students. Together we can collaborate on ideas and script to adapt into informative animation.


Give your online content more sustenance with interactives. These can take on different forms such as quizzes, diagrams, or fillable interfaces. Combine ideas with us to build pieces that will suit your student’s needs.

Web Applications

Wanting to reach a wider audience? Web applications can be treated as a great resource hub or a larger interactive piece. Strategize and plan with our team to create friendly interfaces that can inform and teach on a greater scale.

Gaming & Virtual Reality

We are excited about making more immersive experiences for our students. However, this is not a service we currently provide but we strive to in the future. Gaming and Virtual reality simulate three dimensional environments. Creating real life concepts that provide sight and sound but also interactions.

How to Get Started?

Our Process

Brainstorm ideas and collaborate with the Manager of Multimedia.

Book a meeting with Manager of Multimedia, share your ideas on what you would like to see created. Together discuss challenges and limitations and find the best strategic approach for a successful project.


Get approval from your Associate Dean

Talk with your Associate Dean about the idea and communicate how it will be beneficial to the classroom.


Complete application form and await approval.

Fill out the following application form that will be reviewed by the School of Contemporary Teaching and Learning and approved based on positive evaluation.


Begin project by developing content and meeting deadlines.

Once approved, with guidance from the Manager of Multimedia, begin writing content. In order to create multimedia piece for your class we will need your expertise on the subject matter, so it is important to be clear and concise.